No matter what reasons first motivated you to get into business, the unquestionable fact remains, you must make profits, otherwise whatever it is you are doing will fail.
You have two objectives. The first is to be the preferred builder in the marketplace. The second is to work out what marketplace you are playing in.
I’m here to help you get that right.

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What to focus on first and what to do if it’s not working

Your Blueprint Plan

Understanding where your input is needed in your business is often not easy. Help is available to guide you to meet your ongoing business needs to get it to where you want it to be.

Ongoing Skill Development

Getting the right people, who are engaged and committed in your business is difficult. You need an intelligent model for managing people. Relapses can and will happen and that's okay - I can help with that too.

Every successful builder goes through a process of analysing where their business sits today and where they really wanted to be. This is the gap. There is always a gap. The only way to close this gap is to design and follow a blueprint plan to get it done.

Once you have worked out the marketplace you are going to profit from you must then focus on how you will make this profit and attract the right client. In other words, you must focus on your marketing and operations. Everything else in your business supports these two key functions.  

The effort to design your blueprint plan will involve reviewing the whole of your business. This includes all the activities which support the two key areas of focus – marketing and operations. The review will consider your people, your know how, your finances and importantly you – what do you want? In the end what do you want to achieve by running a successful business?

The work doesn’t stop with the completion of your Blueprint Plan. You will have to now implement this in order to get to your future desired state. Entrenching new habits takes time. Relapses will happen. You can dramatically improve your chances of getting to your desired state if you have a helping hand. Remember the days you did everything? That stopped at your Blueprint Plan.

The way in which you create your culture and entrench new habits is to make sure the new ways work. This is done through a series of actions. You implement change, measure the impact, make changes if you need to and then go through the cycle again. There is no prepackaged tools or kits here. It’s about you. It’s about making sure your systems and structures work for you and your business.

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