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My mission is to reduce business failure statistics in the home building industry and help builders freely express their craft through their work.

Over my 35 years’ business experience, including my work in bankruptcy and liquidations I have seen a lot. I know why businesses fail. I have worked directly with individuals and their hardships in dealing with difficult business situations. I have developed a mountain of information which I use to assist builders in staying out of financial trouble and meet both their personal and business goals.With all this experience I have learnt this, 

‘if you’re not organised, then business is difficult; getting organised is easy’

In my mission to reduce business failure statistics I help builders get organised!

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I Hear Your Pain

I am the business. It all starts and stops with me, it’s a pressure cooker.
I’m a bottleneck.

I have to do the quotes, then I have to get out on site to make sure the boys get started, then back to the office and make sure I invoice and sign up that next client!  

I have more bills and more people. I have bigger overheads.
Where is my next client coming from? How do I get sales to be more consistent? Do you do the next job because you need to improve cashflow, even if it’s not ideal.

Tell me, you have taken a job on, even if the price is not right? 

My accountant is saying I am making money; but I can’t see the cash!
All my cash is tied up.

The more I grow, the more cash I need.

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A Better Life

With structures created in an environment where participants understand what success looks like, creates time for you!

Take Back Control

A better business attracts the right customers and people - you choose which clients to work with and who you employ.

More Profit, More Cash

Live support to assist you, especially in an emergency

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